Snowy Thanksgiving in Cumberland, WI – 11/26/2015

Wet snow hits Barron County WI on Thanksgiving day as temps were in the 30s.This video was shot in and around Cumberland WI.

Clip 1. Cumberland WI sign with snow falling.
Clip 2. Main street of Cumberland with snow falling and starting to stick to the road.
Clip 3. Car with snow on it, and still snowing.
Clip 4 -5. Someone brushing off a car with snow on it.
Clip 6. Road with snow sticking to it, and still snowing.
Clip 7. Road sign covered in snow.
Clip 8. White yard and pines trees with snow falling .
Clip 9. Closer view of the white yard and pine trees.
Clip 10. Snow falling with snow covered pine branches.