Saline County, KS Icy Conditions 11/27/2015

Saline County Kansas has been under a Winter Weather Warning for ice, sleet, and snow causing icy conditions throughout the town of Salina and a few spin outs on the Interstates which seem to be from over night. Travelers on i70 where driving well over 35mph (which the fasted speed my SUV would travel without feeling a small slide).

Clips 1 – 2. Driving shots of Hwy 40 and Interstate 70 west bound covered in a thin layer of ice

Clips 3 – 4. Wide and Medium shots of a truck that looks to have spun off i70 in the over night hours

Clips 5 – 6. Wide and medium shots of vehicles traveling down i70 while it is ice covered passing each other at speeds over 35mph

Clips 7 – 8. Close up shot of water underneath a layer of ice moving around when pressure is put around it

Clip 9. Wide shot of a girl clearing ice off her windshield

Clip 10. Salina, KS city truck salting/sanding the residential roads

Clips 11 – 14. Wide, medium, close shot of a salt truck on a residential road, slowing down to drive under a low hanging ice covered branch that is over the road, static shots of the low hanging ice covered branch

Clips 15 – 17. Medium, close up driving shots of a main road in Salina covered in slush with a lot of drivers on the road

Clips 18 – 19. Driving shot and static shot of green grass and leave covered trees covered in ice in Salina

Clips 20 – 22. Driving shots of vehicles that have slid off of i70 and i135 in Salina