Princeton, IL Interstate 80 Snowy Travel – 11/20/2015

Heavy snow made for travel hazards in Princeton, IL which is in the center of IL between Davenport Iowa and Chicago on Interstate 80.

The first winter storm of the season in northern Illinois began hitting the region late Friday night with several inches of snow falling by 1am across north-central Illinois near the town of Princeton. More snow was expected to continue overnight making travel conditions very hazardous by morning. Snow crews were out in force trying to stay ahead of the storm, keeping roads mostly clear of snow and ice.

Scene 1: Establishing shot with Princeton exit on I-80 with heavy snow falling.

Scene 2: Accident scene on I-80 with a snow plow passing the scene.

Scene 3: Shot of accident scene on I-80.

Scene 4-5: Stopped semi on I-80 in the heavy falling snow.

Scene 6: Snowplow driving out of frame

Scene 7: Snowplow crossing a bridge on I-80.

Scene 8-9: POV driving shots of snowplow on I-80.

Scene 10-13: Various shots of I-DOT signs warning drivers of winter weather conditions and snow clearing operations.

Scene 14-15: I-80 highway sign completely covered in snow.

Scene 16-18: Shots of traffic on I-80, still and POV driving.

Scene 19-20: POV driving shots in very low visibility snow.

Scene 21: Car driving from a ramp near I-80.

Scene 22-25: Heavy falling and blowing snow shots.