11/20/2015 Utica, IL Near Blizzard Conditions & Accidents

Blizzard conditions impacted parts of north-central Illinois Saturday morning as the first winter storm of the season continued its barrage. Slippery roads combined with winds gusting over 30mph created near white-out conditions and caused numerous vehicles to spin out. Utica is at the I-80/I-39 Junction an hour north of Bloomington.

Scene 1-4: Shots of a semi on its side in the median at the junction of I-80/I-39 with emergency crews on scene.

Scene 5-7: Orange car spun out in the median of I-39 in the blowing snow. First shot with man running to check on occupants.

Scene 8-9: SUV spun on on the ramp to I-80 with an emergency person walking to it.

Scene 10-13: A band truck spins out on the ramp to I-80, but eventually gets itself unstuck and down the ramp. Various shots of the jack-knife and people out in the blowing snow.

Scene 14-17: Various shots of traffic in near white-out conditions.

Scene 18-19: I-Dot road sign in white out conditions.

Scene 20-23: Various shots of people at a truck stop running through blowing snow.