Berwick, Iowa Winter Storm and Water Rescue – 11/20/2015

Footage of a water rescue after the SUV slide off the road and into a creek on the Northeast side of Des Moines, Iowa in Berwick, IA.

The first snow storm of the season impacted the Midwest on the evening of November 20th, 2015 Causing traffic troubles and multiple accidents.

Shot 1: Woman being pulled out of vehicle trapped in creek by fire fighters
Shot 2: Fire fighters lead woman to ambulance
Shot 3: Gentleman climbed out of vehicle on his own
Shot 4: Close up of vehicle hanging over edge
Shot 5: Zoomed out of vehicle hanging over edge and emergency vehicles
Shot 6: Wide view of accident scene from road
Shot 7: Pan from fire truck to vehicle in creek
Shot 8: Minor head on collision unrelated to above accident
Shot 9: I-80 slow traffic during heavy snowfall
Shot 10: Snow falls just off of I-80
Shot 11: Downtown Des Moines heavy snowfall
Shot 12: Man walking home from work in snowfall
Shot 13: Rush hour in downtown Des Moines during snowfall