Albert Lea & Freeborn County, MN Winter Storm Travel Nightmare – 11/20/2015

One the northern end of the powerful winter storm that is impacting the upper midwest, the roads were a travel nightmare around Freeborn County and Albert Lea, MN. Numerous crashes have been reported on Interstate 35 and Interstate 90 this afternoon as the snow continues to fall.

Footage starts out with several scenes of a multi vehicle crash just north of Albert Lea on Interstate 35. Package then continues with snow plow footage during the day and then the remaining crash and daylight poor driving conditions.

Clip 1 MN Dot Sign warning of the numerous crashes on Interstate 35.

Clip 2 POV Dash Camera shot as I rolled up to the multi vehicle wreck just seconds after it happened.

** All drivers walked away without serious injuries. **

Clip 3 SUV in the ditch.

Clip 4 Station wagon totally smashed up in front and rear as MNDot crews get to the scene.

Clip 5 Another Pickup truck involved in the crash.

Clip 6 People pushing the smashed station wagon out of the way to open a lane of traffic to try and prevent additional wrecks as the traffic started to back up.

Clip 7 Pan right shot with the snow plow blocking traffic to the wrecked vehicles as MN State Patrol get on the scene.

Clip 8 Backed up traffic on Interstate 35.

Clip 9 State Patrol on the scene at the crash.

Clip 10 POV Driving as a drive cuts me off and almost loses it.

Clip 11 Jeep stuck in the creek/ditch along Interstate 35.

Clip 12 Daylight footage of the heavy snow falling on Interstate 35.

Clip 13 Footage at dusk of an Ambulance driving north on Interstate 35 and pans to the right to a car stuck in the ditch.

Clip 14 Medium shot of the car stuck in the ditch.

Clip 15 POV Snow Plow on Interstate 35.

Clip 16 POV Trailing shot of a snow plow on Interstate 35.

Clip 17 Tight POV shot of the snow plow blade.

Clip 18 Side camera shot passing the snow plow and looking at the blade as the plow falls back behind the truck.

Clip 19 Wide side camera shot of the snow plow on the right.

Clip 20 POV passing snow plow.

Clip 21 POV Trailing snow plow as it drops it blade.

Clip 22 Wrecked car waiting for a tow under the over pass south of Albert Lea on Interstate 35.

Clip 23 Truck in the ditch.

Clip 24 POV after dark shot of a truck smashed into a guard railing.

Clip 25 Drive by shot of the Toyota that crossed into oncoming traffic and was hit by a semi.

Clip 26 Truck being pulled out of the ditch.

Clip 27 POV driving in poor visibility.