Wind Driven Waves Crash Onshore in Ashtabula, OH 11/13/2015

Huge raging Lake Erie waves pounding Ashtabula, OH beach driven by high winds from powerful Friday the 13th Great Lakes trough.

All footage shot during morning daylight hours on November 13th, 2015 in Ashtabula, OH.

Shot List:
1-3. shots of massive waves slamming lake wall and beach throwing rocks and debris from Lake Erie with lighthouse in background in Ashtabula, OH
2-5. various shots of huge waves crashing behind cars on beach in Ashtabula, OH
6. pushed-in shot of huge waves crashing on beach with raging Lake Erie in background
7-11. various shots of huge waves smashing into Lake Erie beach & wall throwing debris with light house in background
12-15. various shots of large raging waves on Lake Erie off Ashtabula, OH beach