Huge Waves from St. Joseph, MI – 11/12/2015

Incredible footage of huge waves crashing on shooter, huge waves breaking next to home, blowing sand, wind-rocking traffic light, sand blasting traffic.   Powerful winds blast and force huge waves onto the coastal town of St. Joseph, MI.

All footage shot in St. Joseph, MI on November 12, 2015 at night.

Shot list:

1-5. Lighted shot of huge waves breaking on shooter from Lake Michigan in St. Joseph, MI
6 & 7. pushed-in shot of large waves breaking onto house on Lake Michigan in St. Joseph, MI
8 . wide shot of blowing sand on parking lot next to Lake Michigan beach
9. pushed-in shot of street light blowing in high winds
10 & 11. pushed-in shots of high winds sand blasting traffic
12. wide shot of high winds blowing sand toward camera with grass blowing next to street
13. pushed-in shot of sand blasting traffic
14. wide shot of sand blowing on dune and street with sign shaking
15. pushed-in shot of wind shaking sign
16. pushed-in shot of high winds blowing sand and debris at beach park
17. wide shot of sand blowing off beach dunes and car driving by blasted with sand
18. pushed-in shot of sand blowing past lights
19. pushed-in shot of sand-covered road with blowing sand and jeep passing
20 pushed-in shot of flag blowing in high winds