Reno, NV Heavy Evening Snows – 11/9/2015

A potent November storm system continues to slowly push out of the Pacific and leave behind a mess in its wake. In addition to a few severe storms, including tornado-warned storms near Sacramento, the system is also dropping upwards of a foot of snow across the Sierra Nevada Mountains west of Reno, which is also taking a winter blast in the form of heavy, wet snows.

Reno had picked up two inches of snow by late evening after the rain changed over to snow just before sunset. While the above-freezing temperatures did keep the roads from totally freezing over, it still left conditions treacherous for drivers, leading to a few minor accidents around town.

Another couple inches are likely overnight with totals in the Reno area accumulating up to 5 inches. Areas to the west in the higher terrain could see up to 18. Chain laws remain in effect along I-80 west of Reno. Snows should come to an end by Tuesday morning as the system takes aim on the Colorado Front Range where blizzard watches are in effect ahead of this storm. Severe weather will be the next story on Wednesday as the system pushes into the Midwest.

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots from downtown with the Reno arch and snow.

Scene 3-7: Tow truck on the scene of a minor accident as a driver slipped down the hill and hit another vehicle.

Scene 8-10: Shots along I-80 on the west side of Reno showing snow covering the lanes.

Scene 11-12: Snow plow along I-80.

Scene 13: POV driving shot along I-80 on the west side of Reno showing the intense falling snow and limited visibility.

Scene 14: Shot of heavy falling snow and covered lanes on I-80.

Scene 15-16: Static shots of very heavy falling snow in Reno.

Scene 17-18: Shots of traffic in the heavy falling snow.

Scene 19: Shot of a downtown building with snow falling.

Scene 20-21: Shots of Reno/Tahoe Airport with planes.

Scene 22-23: Snow falling in street lights.