Travel Headache & Heavy Snow in at Donner Pass, CA – 11/8/2015

A strong storm system moved into the Sierra Nevada mountains between Sacramento, CA and Reno, NV leading to very hazardous travel conditions along I-80 on Donner Pass on the west side of Truckee, CA. Winter Weather Advisories are in effect for the region through Tuesday morning. Accumulations in the higher elevations could run as much as a foot in places while lower elevations such as Reno could see up to 3-4 inches by Tuesday.

Snow began early in the afternoon across eastern CA in the higher elevations and several inches had accumulated before sunset. Traffic along I-80 was slowed due to slippery conditions, very heavy snowfall, and several accidents. Chain laws are in effect for the pass with snow expected to remain heavy off and on through Tuesday.

The storm system has slowed from previous forecasts, leading to the Reno NWS office to extend the advisory into the lower elevations as snow will be around longer, thus accumulating more. The advisories were already in effect to the west, however accumulations were raised due to the slowing speed of the system.

Video package shot along Donner Pass on I-80 between Sacramento and Reno. Donner Pass is a few miles west of Truckee, California.

Scene 1: Wide shot of accident scene with DOT sign warning drivers of hazardous conditions in heavy snow.

Scene 2: Man standing in heavy snow with DOT sign behind him.

Scene 3: Shot of front of the car smashed up from hitting the concrete barrier after slipping on the snow.

Scene 4-5: Shots of the smashed car from behind in heavy falling snow.

Scene 6: Wide shot of entrance/exit ramps with I-80 highway sign and cars in falling snow.

Scene 7: Tight shot of I-80 highway sign in heavy snow.

Scene 8: I-80 Freeway Entrance sign in heavy snow.

Scene 9-11: DOT crews getting ready to move in very heavy snow.

Scene 12: Man in black walking a dog in the heavy snow.

Scene 13: Long shot of oncoming snow plow in very heavy falling snow.

Scene 14: POV driving shot following a vehicle down an off-ramp in the very heavy falling snow.

Scene 15: Car entering I-80 via a ramp in the heavy snow.

Scene 16-17: Car in the bushes in the heavy snow.

Scene 18-19: Vehicle on the side of the road near I-80.

Scene 20: Man sitting in SUV in the snow.

Scene 21: Various parked cars at the bottom of an I-80 ramp in the snow.

Scene 22-25: Various tight/wide shots of DOT signs warning drivers of hazardous driving conditions.

Scene 26-27: POV driving shot of a plow dropping salt on I-80 west of Donner Pass.

Scene 28: DOT truck with sign in heavy snow.

Scene 29-33: Various POV shots driving down I-80 in the heavy snow and very low visibility.

Scene 34-35: Shots of heavy snow against trees along I-80.