11/10/2015 Red Tide Washes Ashore in Siesta Beach Florida

Florida Red Tide has moved north into Siesta Beach in Sarasota County. The Florida Red Tide (scientific name Karenia brevis) is a harmful algae bloom (HAB) that releases an airborne neurotoxin which can fill fish and other marine life as well as cause respiratory stress in humans and other mammals. The red tide is beginning to kill marine life and causing noticeable respiratory irritation to beach goers. Right now, the northerly wind has the airborne neurotoxin isolated right along the shoreline.

Shot list:
1,2,3) Three varied shots of red tide warning sign on red life guard tower on Siesta Key Beach.
4) Woman walks beach with cloth over mouth and nose to protect against irritating neurotoxin.
5) Another woman walks beach holding cloth over her face.
6) Dead batfish on beach.
7) Dead cowfish on beach.
8) Dead porcupinefish on beach.
9) People on beach along surf.
10,11) Dead eel on beach.
12) Another dead porcupinefish.
13) People walking beach looking at dead fish.
14) People riding bikes on beach.
15) Pan shot to another dead eel.
16) Seagull checking out dead fish.
17) Pelican takes off from Gulf of Mexico surf with red tide algae.
18) Dead mullet.