7/26/2015 Siesta Key, FL Waterspout Footage

Waterspouts and funnels formed at time of sunset off Siesta Key Florida tonight as an unstable tropical air mass maintained its presence over SW Florida with windy squally conditions. Waterspout shots, funnels, people interacting with blustery tropical weather on beach and playing in the high surf and rip current conditions near sunset time.

Shot list:
1,2,3,4,5) Waterspout off Siesta Key beach over Gulf of Mexico as sun is setting. Wide, med, close shots.
6,7) Long thin funnel coming down with blue lifeguard tower and people.
8) Tight shot of funnel.
9) Funnel thinning out.
10) Two funnels over gulf with people on beach.
11) Children hiding from wind/rain behind black umbrella.
12) Couple shielding wind/rain with black and yellow umbrella.
13) Girls hiding from wind/rain under a beach towel blowing in wind.
14) People in clear plastic rain coats.
15) Another shot of the girls in wind blown beach towel.
16) Wide show of beach with funnel offshore and sun setting.
17) Shot of funnel roping out.
18) Tight shot of funnel roping out.
19,20,21,22,23,24,25) Seven shots of people in high surf and rip current conditions with wind and rain.