7/25/2015 Anna Maria, FL Heavy Rain, High Winds & Street Flooding

Heavy wind driven tropical rain resembled tropical storm conditions as a squall moved through Anna Maria Island this afternoon. Areal flood advisories are in effect. Wind driven tropical rains, great shots of Florida people dealing with the rain, traffic in road flooding.

Shot List
1) Girls in bikinis walk the Anna Maria City pier in rain.
2) Vertical banner bending hard in wind driven rain.
3) Flag and palm tops obscured in heavy wind driven rain.
4) Palm tree tops in heavy wind driven rain (tight)
5) Tigher shot of banner in wind/rain.
6,7,8) Three more shots of palms and structures in heavy wind/rain.
9) Wide shot of Anna Maria city pier.
10,11) Two shots of guy in \"Rays\" shirt with black umbrella walking pier in wind/rain.
12) Girls in binikis walking off pier in rain.
13) People with umbrellas on pier in wind/rain.
14) Tight shot of guy in green rain coat in rain walking pier.
15) Tight shot of guy in blue rain coat in rain walking pier.
16) Pier pilings with rain falling on bay waters.
17) Woman sitting on beach in rain with rain umbrella.
18) People on sidewalk walk thru frame with clear rain covers on.
19,20,21) Three shots of traffic splashing in road flooding on Gulf drive on Anna Maria Island.
22) Tire of parked truck in flooded road showing 8\" of water.
23) Flooded yard on Anna Maria Island.