7/28/2015 Twin Cities Morning Storm B-Roll

It was a Red Sky In The Morning for the Twin Cities metro area as the drive in to town was filled with lightning and heavy rain. Once in town, commuters were dealing with the heavy rain on the Nicollet Mall.

Clip 1 Roof camera with lightning on Interstate 94.

Clip 2 Pre dawn with the red sky along with a rain shaft and flashes of lightning.

Clip 3 Pov shot on Interstate 94 with reddish orange sky and lightning

Clip 4 POV and lightning on side road near Big Lake (had to stop and get fuel on the way to Minneapolis).

Clip 5 – 8 Heavy rain on Interstate 94 after sunrise.

Clip 9 Minneapolis skyline on the Nicollet Mall in the rain.

Clip 10 People getting off a bus and opening up umbrellas.

Clip 11 Woman walking with an umbrella

Clip 12 Lots of people filling the camera view with umbrellas

Clip 13 Man standing with an umbrella while waiting to walk across the street.

Clip 14 People getting off a bus in the heavy rain and opening up umbrellas.

Clip 15 Man walking in the heavy rain with out an umbrella and has to cover his bag up with a garbage bag to keep it dry.

Clip 16 Biker in the rain.

Clip 17 Someone walking towards the camera in the heavy rain.

Clip 18 Biker in the rain.

Clip 19 One man puts a bag over his head while the other just stands in the rain and then someone walks up with an umbrella

Clip 20 Woman walking across the street towards the camera in the rain, with an umbrella.

Clip 21 People walking on Peavey Plaza in the rain with umbrellas.

Clip 22 – 23 Traffic in downtown Minneapolis in the rain.