7/14/2015 Indianapolis Area Storm Aftermath Cleanup

As another round of severe weather threatens many across the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys today, cleanup from last night\'s storms commenced in the Speedway suburb of Indianapolis early this morning after multiple rounds of powerful storms overnight left a mess in their wake.  Residents were out clearing tree debris with rakes, chainsaws, and hand saws in the neighborhood.  Several homes and vehicles were damaged by the fallen trees and power was still out to parts of the area.  Portable generators were being used in a few areas to help power the cleanup efforts.

Video package shot in the Speedway suburb of Indianapolis on the west side of the city around noon EDT.  Contains shots of residents and crews cleaning trees as well as some of the notable damage leftover from last night\'s storms.  See shot list for scene descriptions.

Scene 1: Establishing shot of a TREE WORK sign with crews in the background clearing trees debris from a back alley.

Scene 2: Tree service truck with workers in the background.

Scene 3-6: Various shots of workers with chainsaws clearing tree debris.

Scene 7-9: Another set of workers clearing a tree near an apartment complex.

Scene 10-12: Shot of a father and his sons helping neighborhood residents with tree cleanup.

Scene 13-15: Shots of residents clearing tree debris.

Scene 16-20: Various shots of another set of workers clearing a tree with a handsaw.

Scene 21: Tent set up in a neighborhood for residents to get food and water.  Tree damage visible in shot.

Scene 22-23: Large uprooted tree that landed on a house.

Scene 24-27: Shot of large tree that came down and damaged the roof and back door of an apartment building.

Scene 28: Very large tree limb down on the roof of a garage.

Scene 29-30: Tree down on a van in the street.

Scene 31: Large tree limb down on a blue sports car.

Scene 32-33: Large tree limb down over powerlines.

Scene 34: House with busted shutter and tree debris in the yard.

Scene 35: Large tree snapped in a yard.

Scene 36: Shot of a mobile generator with tree damage visible in the shot.

Scene 37: Wide shot of neighborhood street with piles of trees near the curbs.