7/13/2015 Speedway, IN Severe Storm Tree Damage B-Roll

A line of severe storms rapidly developed along I-74 northwest of Indianapolis and intensified extremely rapidly, prompting a severe thunderstorm warning for all of Indianapolis as the storm blew in with gusts strong enough to topple trees across the suburb of Speedway. Heavy rains also caused flooded roads, some of which were impassable.

Scene 1-2: Long shots from POV camera immediately after tree blown down showing the intensity of the winds blowing at the car along with frequent lightning and loud thunder almost immediately after the flash. A couple of power flashes were noted in the video, seen as green/blue flashes (00:13). Power was knocked out to the entire area.

Scene 3-4: Tree damage noted immediately after the highest winds passed, still at the intersection, both came down during the height of that wind shown in first clips.

Scene 5-8: Various shots of fire trucks on scene of down trees.

Scene 9-11: Large tree down on a car.

Scene 12: Shot of house awning blown off the home and onto two cars in the driveway. NAT sound of girl describing the awning having been on the house for 50 years before this storm took it down.

Scene 13-15: Various shots of awning down on pickup truck and 1992 Firebird.

Scene 16-21: Various shots of residents awakened by the storm clearing out tree debris from flooded streets in the neighborhood.

Scene 22-29: Various shots of large trees down, some near flooded roads.