7/15/2015 Shawnee County, KS Supercell & Lightning

A lone supercell storm erupted south of Wamego, Kansas in the evening hours on Wednesday bringing blinding rains and lightning to those in the area.  The storm tracked east along I-70 for nearly three hours before dissipating near Topeka.

Video package includes shots of lightning from the supercell as well as developing wall clouds and the blinding rains along I-70 west of Topeka.

Scene 1: Wide angle structure shot of the supercell southwest of Topeka.

Scene 2: Close CG lightning strike.

Scene 3: Wider structure and lightning strike.

Scene 4: Quick lightning strike.

Scene 5: Zoomed in shot of scuddy funnel-lookalike cloud with lightning strike on the far right side of the shot.

Scene 6: Lowering clouds behind trees.

Scene 7: Timelapse of supercell storm (12 second duration)

Scene 8: Wall cloud over trees.

Scene 9: Vivid hail shaft of the storm.

Scene 10: Shawnee County Sheriff as rain and small hail fall.

Scene 11-16: Various POV driving shots in blinding rains along I-70 west of Topeka with various vehicles driving with emergency flashers.