6/23/2015 Harrisburg Pa Storms at rush hour.

During rush hour of June 23rd, many severe and non severe storms pass through several parts of south central Pennsylvania area. Traffic seems to operate very smoothly along the Pennsylvania turnpike from Lawn, Pa through Highspire, Pa. Final clips of footage from Wrightsville, Pa showing mammatus clouds.

1st set of clips : Lawn, Pennsylvania (19 miles east of Harrisburg, Pa)

Scenes 1-4 : Stationary view of traffic traveling WB on I-76 of Pennsylvania turnpike.

Scene 5 : Heavy rains & Semi-tractor trailer switching lanes.

Scene 6 : Stationary view of heavy rains with flags blowing in winds.

Scene 7 : Stationary view of heavy rains with vehicles entering parking lot. Some views stationary with lights and wipers on.

Scene 8 : Close up view of heavy rains and stationary vehicle with lights and wipers on.

Scene 9 : Tour bus enters rest stop in heavy rains

Scenes 10 & 11 : Wide view of tour bus backing up/adjusting parking and close up shot tour bus parked with door open, vehicles leaving parking lot.

Scene 12 : Rear cam view departure of rest stop during heavy rains / big splash of water as exiting lot – merging with traffic WB I-76

Next set of clips from Highspire, Pa (10 miles southeast of Harrisburg, Pa)

Scene 13-15 : Traffic on Pa turnpike WB direction, light rains, forward and rear cam views

Final 3 clips from Wrightsille, Pa (far east York county, Pa)

Scenes 16-18 : mammatus clouds, wide, medium, zoomed views