6/22/2015 Andover, IL HP Tornadic Supercell

Pre-storm views of low level (850mb) moisture plumes streaming north in Western Illinois (recorded just off HW-64 north of Rochelle earlier in the afternoon). The video then moves to a high precipitation (HP) tornadic supercell thunderstorm recorded during the evening hours (between 7:50-8:20 p.m.) south of Andover, Illinois in Henry County. All recorded following the initial large tornado(es) near Illinois City in Rock Island/extreme northern Mercer Co. The storm proceeded east/southeast, producing additional quick, obscured tornadoes (often rain-wrapped), and frequent cloud-to-ground lightning observed from IL HW-19 (CR-700). A pronounced, audible \"roar/waterfall\" noise at times (fairly low-contrast on the audio) was observed (a potential mix of a rain-wrapped tornado, incoming precipitation, or both). Video is primarily wide/medium shots of the HP supercell structure in Henry County, Illinois.