6/23/2015 Sauk Rapids Minnesota Aurora Borealis

A G4 Class Solar Storm with a Kp Index of 8 caused a geomagnetic storm that filled the sky over central Minnesota.

The auroras were extremely bright and filled the sky as they extended over head and moved into the southern half of the sky.

Timelapse footage of the auroras.

Clip 1 Auroras over a lake.

Clip 2 Auroras of green blue and purple fill the sky.

Clip 3 Looking due west as the auroras move south.

Clip 4 Looking straight up as the auroras dance in the sky above.

Clip 5 Looking north as the Auroras fill the sky.

Clip 6 Looking east as the Auroras move towards the south.

Clip 7 Looking straight up at the Auroras overhead.

Clip 8 Auroras filling the sky to the north.

Clip 9 Looking northeast as the auroras dance in the sky.