6/24/2015 Norfolk, NE Strong Storms B-Roll

Footage of ominous shelf cloud timelapse, high winds, flooding rains, flooded streets from midday strong thunderstorm slamming Norfolk, NE. Powerful storms slammed eastern Nebraska in the morning and more significant severe weather is expected this evening.

All footage shot during noon daylight on June 24, 2015 in Norfolk, NE.

Shot List:

1-5. various shots of ominous strong thunderstorm bearing down on Norfolk, NE

6. timelapse of ominous shelf cloud passing over Norfolk, NE

7 & 8. wide shots of shelf cloud passing over Norfolk, NE

9. pushed-in shot of shelf cloud racing over Norfolk, NE neighborhood

10. pushed-in shot of midday traffic under dark thunderstorm moving over Norfolk, NE

11. pushed-in shot of high winds blowing heavy rain on pavement in Norfolk, NE

12. pushed-in shot of traffic in high wind driven rain during heavy thunderstorm in Norfolk, NE

13. shot of semi truck splashing water with heavy rain falling in Norfolk, NE

14. wide shot of high winds blowing heavy rain in Norfolk, NE

15. pushed-in shot of wind blowing trees with heavy rain in Norfolk NE

16. POV driving shot of with shelf cloud passing over road in Norfolk, NE

17 & 18. pushed-in shots of roadway with vehicle wheels passing through water-covered roadway with heavy rain falling

19-24. various shots of vehicles driving through flooded roadway in Norfolk, NE