6/19/2015 Belle Fourche, SD Hail Tornado Supercell

Footage of massive hail, hail breaking windshield, and rain-wrapped tornado near Belle Fourche, SD. Monster tornadic supercell thunderstorm developed in Montana, tracked southeast through the northeastern corner of Wyoming and produced several tornadoes in South Dakota.

All footage shot during evening daylight on June 19, 2015 near Belle Fourche, SD.

Shot List:

1 & 2. ultrawide Timelapse shots of tornadic supercell thunderstorm near Belle Fourche, SD

3 & 4. pushed-in shots of tornado (rain-wrapped) north of Belle Fourche, SD

5-8. various shots of massive hail falling and bouncing

9-14. various shots of holding and measuring massive hailstones

15. POV driving shot showing cracks forming on windshield from massive hail falling

16. POV driving shot of high winds blowing rain and large hail and warning to another driver \"Oh, those guys don\'t know what they\'re in for!\"

17-22. various shots of amazing sculpted tornadic supercell thunderstorm and large wall clouds near Belle Fourche, SD

23. shot of high winds feeding into tornadic supercell thunderstorm with Meteorologist Juston Drake in foreground

24. POV driving shot of tornadic supercell thunderstorm in distance with Devils Tower in foreground