6/20/2015 Albia, IA Wind & Flooding

A line of severe storms moved through the Albia, Iowa area during the evening hours creating very strong winds and flooding. Downed trees and road closures were caused as a result of the storm.

Shot 1- Structure
Shot 2- Structure
Shot 3- lightning
Shot 4- lightning
Shot 5- lightning
Shot 6- Traffic in heavy rain
Shot 7- Traffic in heavy rain and wind
Shot 8- Strong wind
Shot 9- Strong Wind
Shot 10-Strong wind
Shot 11-Strong wind
Shot 12-tree downed
Shot 13-tree downed
Shot 14-tree downed
Shot 15-Road flooded
Shot 16-Road flooded
Shot 17-Road flooded
Shot 18-park sign
Shot 19-park flooding
Shot 20-park flooding
Shot 21-power line down
Shot 22-power line down
Shot 23-stucture