6/19/2015 Montana & Wyoming Severe Storms

Severe weather broke out across central and southern Montana and tracked east/southeast into Wyoming and eventually into South Dakota. Several tornado-warned supercells dropped hail over softball size with several funnel reports and flash flooding. One storm formed northwest of Broadus, Montana and tracked nearly 6 hours into South Dakota. Video package contains footage from two intercepts of that storm, one in Alzada, Montana in the southeast part of the state (Carter County) and the other of a near-tornado formation near the town of Colony, Wyoming further down the road and later in the afternoon.

PART 1 (Alzada, MT Large Hail & Structure) 0:00-3:07

Scene 1-2: Structure shots of the storm from just to the west of Alzada on US-212.

Scene 3-4: Shots of weak circulation as storm moved over Alzada.

Scene 5-6: POV driving shots of blinding rain and hail over US-212.

Scene 7-8: POV driving shots as numerous vehicles are pulled over on the side of US-212.

Scene 9-11: Shots of traffic pulled off on the shoulder of US-212 just outside Alzada as hail is falling.

Scene 12-14: Various shots of hail falling on the road.

Scene 15-16: Hail in the grass

Scene 17: Shot of trees blowing in wind and hail.

Scene 18-21: Various shots of hail in hand, hail compared to objects, and hail with ruler. Largest stone measured at 3-inches.

PART 2 (Colony, WY Almost Tornado & Winds) 3:08-4:23

Scene 22: Wide dashcam shot as weak circulation forms on the road near a semi, small pieces of debris swirl upwards with NAT sound of radio chatter talking about debris.

Scene 23: Scuddy tornado look-alike over Colony.

Scene 24: Ominous clouds over Colony.

Scene 25-26: Shots of SUV driving as RFD winds blow across the highway.

Scene 27: Rainbands across the road.

Scene 28-29: Very high winds blowing through trees.