4/25/2015 Southern, IL Severe Storms Damage & Flooding B-Roll

Severe storms erupted across southern Illinois early afternoon on Saturday and as they moved southeast across the state, became severe with damaging winds and flooding rains occurring across the region. A line of storms developed across the river in Missouri and moved across, intensifying near I-57 at West Frankfort before being severe-warned as they moved toward the east. A tornado watch was issued until 8pm for the region, however no tornadoes were reported in southern Illinois. Many reports of damage, hail up to an inch, and flooding were received through the day.

Video package shot in two locations, one in Franklin County near the town of West Frankfort. The other part shot in Eldorado, Illinois in Saline County.

PART 1 (0:00-2:34) FRANKLIN COUNTY (WEST FRANKFORT, IL), approximately 2 hours southeast of St. Louis.

Scene 1-2: POV driving shots in blinding torrential rains near West Frankfort.

Scene 3: Car pulled over on side of road during heavy rains near West Frankfort.

Scene 4-5: Minor car accident that partially blocks highway west of West Frankfort, driver of red truck pulled into highway, saying never saw white SUV in the rain. Both vehicles had minor damage, no injuries as both were moving slowly due to the rain.

Scene 6-9: Various shots of high winds and heavy rains just outside West Frankfort, IL.

Scene 10: Ambulance with lights and sirens races through flooded intersection in West Frankfort.

Scene 11-19: Various shots of traffic in flooded roads across West Frankfort, IL.

PART 2 (2:35-4:52) SALINE COUNTY (ELDORADO, ILLINOIS) approximately 40 miles east/southeast of West Frankfort.

Scene 20: Large tree down on mobile home. Residents were inside at the time, but were not in the part that was hit. They all escaped without injury. A total of 3 occupants were inside at the time. Winds were reported to be in excess of 70mph as the storm rolled through.

Scene 21-28: Various shots and pans of tree on mobile home.

Scene 29: Shot of the tree crushing a bike.

Scene 30-31: Speed limit sign in Eldorado that was snapped in winds reported at 70mph.

Scene 32-36: Various large tree limbs down across the town of Eldorado.