4/24/2015 Midlothian, TX Severe Thunderstorm with High Winds B-Roll

Footage of severe winds blasting police vehicles in Midlothian, TX and causing a collision between a truck and a car. A powerful tornado warned blow echo slammed this city south of DFW on a big severe weather day.

All footage shot during evening daylight of April 24, 2015 in Midlothian, TX.

Shot List:

1-4. Various shots of a shelf cloud (ominous leading edge of storm) racing over Midlothian, TX with tornado sirens blaring (storm was tornado-warned)

5. pushed-in shot of dust and debris kicked up in background as high wind race over Midlothian, TX from severe damaging storm

6. wide shot of police vehicles with lights flashing in severe winds, rain, and hail in Midlothian, TX

7 & 8. wide shots of vehicles taking shelter from severe storm under Gas Station with high winds, heavy rain, and hail falling and blowing

9 & 10. pushed in shots of bending trees and wind driven rain and hail during severe storm

11. wide shot of high winds blowing rain and hail

12. wide shot of police cruiser driving in high winds and hail during severe thunderstorm

(Shots 13-20 are of accident caused by low visibility from severe storm involving a truck and a car)

13. wide shot of accident scene caused by very low visibility from severe thunderstorm with wrecked truck on left, wrecked car in grass on right, and two police cruisers

14. pushed-in shot of smashed car from storm-related accident with driver and passenger assessing damage

15. wide shot of damaged truck with police vehicles

16. pushed-in shot of damgaed truck with police vehicles

17. pushed-in shot of damaged truck

18. pushed-in shot of damaged car

19 & 20. pushed-in shots of damaged truck and police vehicles