4/25/2015 Thompsonville, IL Storm Aftermath

Severe storms moving across southern IL caused damage across the region. And while no tornadoes have been confirmed in the state from Saturday\'s event, the National Weather Service in Paducah will be looking at several areas to determine whether damage was caused by straight line winds or QLCS tornadoes. One such area of damage in the Thompsonville area where an RV was moved 20 feet off the driveway along with other areas of concentrated tree damage in town. This all happening from the line of severe-warned storms that pushed through the region Saturday afternoon into the evening. Thompsonville is located at the junction of state highways 34 and 149 about 25 miles south of Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

Scene 1: Panning shot from the driveway where the RV was to the spot the RV came to rest on its side. It was measured at just over 20-feet from the driveway to where the RV came to rest. This was located on the east side of town.

Scene 2: Panning shot from the opposite direction from the driveway to the RV.

Scene 3-4: Shots of the RV from the front and back.

Scene 5: Panning shot looking at where the rear wheels were dragged across the ground over 20 feet. The front of the RV did not have drag marks, indicating that the front end was lifted off the ground.

Scene 6-10: Various other shots of the RV, including shots from the driveway, the sides, and the back.

Scene 11: Carport flipped over on the south side of town.

Scene 12: Crews on scene along Illinois Avenue in town where several trees and a powerline were downed from a suspected tornado.

Scene 13: Shot of tree damage at a speed limit sign with power crews in the background.

Scene 14: Two large trees down in a yard.

Scene 15: Tree damage in front of a speed limit sign.

Scene 16: Panning shot from a tree down to the large part that went down in the storm.

Scene 17: Crews repairing power lines and clearing tree damage.

Scene 18: Power crews repairing wires.

Scene 19-21: Crews removing tree damage from a yard with chainsaws.

Scene 22-24: Large tree limb down on a shed with surrounding tree damage.

Scene 25-26: Uprooted tree in a yard in town.

Scene 27: Damaged fence in a yard in Thompsonville.

Scene 28: Damaged trampoline in a yard in Thompsonville.

Scene 29: Two trees snapped in a yard.

Scene 30: Tree down in a yard.

Scene 31: Tree limb down in a yard.

Scene 32: Overturned grill on the front porch of a house with a cat standing on it. Fortunately, it wasn\'t quite CATastrophic damage.