2/21/2015 York County PA Winter Storm

Summary-footage includes shots from Hanover, Pa – Spring Grove, Pa – York, Pa

Scenes 1 through 5 – Semi truck stuck on slippery hill, 4×4 helps pull truck up hill, traffic passing semi uphill. (Spring Grove, Pa)

Scene 6 – Truck with plow clearing parking lot / snow falling (Hanover, Pa)

Scene 7 – Vehicles covered in snow, heavy falling snow, people clearing snow from cars (Hanover, Pa)

Scene 8 – Signs showing Spring Grove, Pa – Heavy falling snow (Spring Grove, Pa)

Scenes 9 through 15 – Man clearing sidewalk with snowblower, traffic on streets in background, multiple shots of trucks & construction equipment clearing snow from roads & parking lots. (Spring Grove, Pa)

Scene 15 – Parking lot being cleared (York, Pa)

Scenes 16 through 22 – Multiple shots of Penndot snowplows: On parking lot / bucket raising / salt falling – snowplows spreading salt and plowing snow from U.S.30 (York, Pa)

Scene 23 – Toyota truck covered in snow with wiper blades up (York, Pa)

Scene 24 – Person clearing snow from vehicle (York, Pa)

Scene 25 – Person clearing snow from sidewalk with snowblower (York, Pa)

Scene 26 & 27 – SUV with blanket covering part of windshield & Part of opened box saying \" Keep Frozen / Maintain 0 degrees \" on box (York, Pa)

Scenes 28 & 29 – Bobcat clearing snow from parking lot (York, Pa)