2/21/2015 Washington IN Winter Storm

Footage of heavy morning snow, ice accumulation, a semi truck wreck, and people walking in heavy snow storm in Washington, IN as monster winter storm slams Ohio River Valley.

All footage shot in early to late morning (daylight & darkness) in/near Washington, IN and in rural areas of southern Illinois.

Shot List:

1-3. various shots of people walking on snow-covered roads with heavy snow falling in Washington, IN

4-7. various shots of snow plow forcing spray of snow and ice to side of road near Washington, IN

8 & 9. shots of passing snow plows with heavy snow falling

10-12. various shots of \"jack-knifed\" semi truck trapped in snow & ice in median of highway in early morning hours in Southern Illinois on I-57

13-16. various shots of ice accumulation on power lines and trees in early morning hours near Washington, IN

17-21. various shots of 2 front loaders clearing snow

22. pushed-in shot of front loader driver clearing downed-cut power cables from shovel of front loader

23 & 24. pushed-in shots large snow flakes from heavy snow falling with dark trees in background

25. driving shot of downed tree branch on road with ice on trees from freezing rain

26. POV driving shot of traffic on snow & ice-covered highway with heavy snow falling next to ice-covered trees near Washington, IN

27-31. various shots of traffic passing on ice & snow-covered roads with heavy snow falling in neighborhoods in Washington, IN

32 & 33. shots of Washington, IN snow-covered streets with snow falling