2/21/2015 Southern, IL Ice Storm Aftermath

The major winter storm that hammered parts of southern Illinois overnight is finally moving out of the region, but not after leaving a coating of ice across portions of the region in addition to some light snow and sleet accumulations. The National Weather Service in Paducah has taken reports as high as 0.80\" of ice in portions of southern IL from the storm. Most areas received around a quarter-inch of ice accumulations overnight. I-DOT crews and private companies were out trying to clear the roads and parking lots as the storm winds down.

Video package includes footage of vehicles that had spun off area highways, damaged trees from the heavy weight of the accumulated ice, power lines coated in ice, shots of trees covered in ice, and snow plows clearing and treating roads.

Interstate 64 near Ina, IL

Scene 1-3: POV shots of an accident that closed down the right lane of I-64 near Ina, IL. A semi-truck had slipped off the road and these shots are of the backup and tow truck after having pulled the semi back onto the road.

Remaining shots in Carbondale, IL in Jackson County.

Scene 4: Wide shot of Highway 13 on the east side of Carbondale with a minivan facing the wrong way off the side of the road.

Scene 5: Tighter shot of minivan spun off the side of Highway 13.

Scene 6: Very tight shot of spun out minivan.

Scene 7: Shot of van from behind looking back into Carbondale.

Scene 8: Shot looking through the trees at spun out van.

Scene 9-11: A car off in the ditch in Carbondale.

Scene 12: Two truck with a pickup it had just pulled out of the snowbanks along Highway 13. Down limbs from trees in the foreground.

Scene 13: Panning shot from the pickup truck wide to both vehicles.

Scene 14: Tight shot of tow truck driver attaching chains to the pickup.

Scene 15-16: Tight shot and wide shot as pickup is lifted onto the tow truck.

Scene 17: Shot through icy trees of tow truck scene.

Scene 18-19: Shots of large pine tree limb snapped from the ice.

Scene 20-21: Shots of a large pine tree limb down in Carbondale.

Scene 22: Shot of a couple large branches partially blocking a Carbondale road.

Scene 23: Wide shot of icy scene with the two large branches in the road.

Scene 24-25: Tight shots of icy pine needles and pine cones.

Scene 26-29: Various tight shots detailing quarter-inch thick ice on trees in Carbondale.

Scene 30: Wide shot of icy trees.

Scene 31: Shot of ice-covered power lines with icy trees in background.

Scene 32-33: Tight shots of ice-covered powerlines.

Scene 34-35: Wide shots of power lines covered in ice as chunks of ice fall to the ground.

Scene 36: Shot of thick ice on a vehicle roof rack as light sleet falls.

Scene 37-38: Shots of a small plow clearing a Carbondale parking lot.

Scene 39-40: Tight and wide shot of a I-DOT plow truck.

Scene 41: POV driving shot behind and passing plow truck.

Last shots back near Ina, IL on I-64.