2/20/2015 Paducah, KY Ice Storm B-Roll

Footage of stranded motorist blasted by ice/snow spray from snowplow, toppled semi truck, sparks from snowplow, and other ice storm shots in Paducah, KY. A dangerous wintry mix hammered the Mid-Mississippi Valley and Ohio Valley region only days after a large winter storm dumped almost a foot of snow.

All footage shot on evening darkness of February 20, 2015 in/near Paducah, KY.

Shot List:

1. pushed-in shot of snow plow spraying stranded truck with driver stranded in median of I-24 after sliding off ice-covered road near Paducah, KY

2. pushed-in shot of driver of stranded truck walking around vehicle trapped in median after sliding off ice-covered highway

3 & 4. POV driving shot of snowplow with sparks coming from plow on ice & pavement

5. shot of very heavy snow falling with lights before changing to sleet and freezing rain

6-9. various shots of a turned-over semi truck trapped in median after sliding on ice-covered highway

10. wide shot of ice-covered tree lit by light with heavy freezing rain falling

11. pushed-in shot of ice-covered tree branches lit by light with heavy freezing rain falling

12 & 13. pushed-in shots of ice-covered traffic lights swaying in wind with heavy freezing rain falling

14.pushed-on shot of freezing rain drops splashing on ice-covered roadway

15. wide shot of wintry mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain falling by street light

16. POV driving shot with traffic on ice-covered road with wintry mix falling

17 & 18. various shots of traffic passing by camera with heavy wintry mix falling (snow, sleet, and freezing rain)

19. POV driving shot of heavy snow falling with snow on road before change to freezing rain in Paducah, KY