2/20/2015 Mt. Vernon & Jefferson County, IL Ice Storm Overnight B-Roll

Package shot in Jefferson County in and around the town of Mt. Vernon in southern Illinois. Mt. Vernon is at the junction of Interstates 57/64 approximately one hour east of St. Louis.

A major winter storm is hammering southern Illinois where WINTER STORM WARNINGS are in effect overnight for freezing rain and accumulating ice as well as snow and sleet. Parts of the region have seen as much as 0.30\" ice accumulation which has lead to accidents and extremely dangerous driving conditions. The storm will continue its winter barrage until late morning when it will change over to rain and become a flood threat as heavy rains, up to 3-inches possibly, will fall on ice-packed snow and frozen ground, leading to excessive runoff and potential for flooding across southern Illinois.

Footage shot between 10pm and 1am Friday night into Saturday morning in Jefferson County, IL and the town of Mt. Vernon.

Scene 1: NAT from Mike Ellis describing his drive from Nashville, TN to Mt. Vernon. Enroute, he accumulated over an inch of ice on his front of his car.

Scene 2-5: Various shots of the front of Mike Ellis\'s car with ice accumulated on the front and mirrors.

Scene 6-7: Mike Ellis picks ice off the car before hitting the road from Mt. Vernon.

Scene 8: POV driving shot passing an accident with cops on scene along I-57 just to the south of Mt. Vernon in Jefferson County.

Scene 9-11: Various shots of accident along I-57 south of Mt. Vernon in Jefferson County.

Scene 12-15: Various shots of a jack-knifed semi off the side of the westbound lanes of I-64 to the west of Mt. Vernon in Jefferson County.

Scene 16-18: Shots of a plow truck dumping salt on I-64 in Jefferson County before the main brunt of the ice hit.

Scene 19-20: Shots of ice-covered parking lot in Mt. Vernon.

Scene 21-22: Woman scraping her car of ice in Mt. Vernon.

Scene 23: Man scraping his car of ice in Mt. Vernon.

Scene 24-25: Man scraping ice from his pickup truck in Mt. Vernon.

Scene 26-28: Shots of countless semis parked at a truck stop overnight as the freezing rain pours down.

Scene 29-30: Shots of antennas on the top of a car bent and frozen in a quarter-inch of ice in Mt Vernon.

Scene 31: Shot of a windshield and wipers covered in a layer of a quarter inch of ice in Mt Vernon.

Scene 32-33: Ice covering branches of a small tree in Mt Vernon.

Scene 34: Oncoming car\'s headlights illuminates ice-covered road at an overpass south of Mt Vernon.

Scene 35: I-57 highway sign pointing the way to Mt Vernon as a car passes.