2/16/2015 Richmond VA Presidents Day Winter Storm

Footage of traffic nightmare for Richmond, VA as huge Presidents\' Day winter storm slams the South with over a foot of snow and ice for a region not used to wintry weather. Footage of people pushing cars, accidents, stranded cars, traffic jams, people walking in on snowy road ways, and eventually deserted snow & ice covered highway.

All footage shot during evening darkness of February 16, 2015, Presidents\' Day, in or near Richmond, VA.

Shot List:

1 & 2. pushed-in shots of 2 guys pushing a car stuck in deep snow in downtown Richmond, VA

3 & 4. wide & pushed-in shots of traffic jam on I-95 near Richmond, VA from deep snow causing slick hazardous driving conditions on highway

5-10. various shots of car stuck in slick snow on I-95 with traffic moving around car during with tires spinning

11-13. various shots of a car stranded in median of I-95 deep snow after sliding off slick roadway with traffic passing and heavy snow falling

14 & 15. shots of cars wrecked on I-95 after sliding and hitting wall with police assistance

16 & 17. pushed-in shots of woman walking home through deep snow in middle of road in Richmond, VA neighborhood

18-20. various shots of Richmond, vA neighborhood with deep snow accumulation and snow falling

21 & 22. wide & pushed-in shots of street lamp with heavy snow falling

23 & 24. wide shots of empty snow-covered highway and Richmond Skyline with snow falling

25. POV driving shot of electronic \"Caution Slick Conditions\" highway sign with traffic on snow-covered highway with snow falling

26-28. various POV driving shots of cars stuck on side of I-95 in snow

29. POV driving shot of traffic on snow-covered I-95 with heavy snow falling causing low visibility