2/16/2015 Denver, CO Airport Snow Storm & Deice B-Roll

Travel conditions across the country remain difficult as winter storms are seriously affecting multiple parts of the country. Denver International Airport, not only feeling the delays and cancellations from the major winter storm in the southeast, is also dealing with its own winter weather that is causing delays and cancellations to flights heading in and out of Denver.

A snow squall moved over the airport just after 7pm Monday evening and lead to many incoming flights having to hold around the airport for as long as an hour until the snow cleared. Accumulation rates up to 2-inches per hour were reported at the airport during this snow squall.

This was the remnants of the winter storm that dumped half a foot or more of snow in the Denver metro area overnight into Monday afternoon.

Package shot from terminal and on-board a STL-bound flight, delayed an hour due to having to hold over the foothills while the snow squall cleared. Package includes shots during snow squall, airport people working outside in the snow, de-icing of aircraft, and snow plows clearing tarmac.

Scene 1: Panning shot of a Southwest plane taxiing through the very heavy falling snow.

Scene 2: Shot of United plane sitting at a gate in the heavy falling snow.

Scene 3: Runway worker walking near United plane at gate in the snow.

Scene 4: Baggage handlers unloading boxes from a plane in the very heavy snows.

Scene 5: Shot of United plane at gate.

Scene 6: Shot of a runway worker giving a thumbs up in the heavy snow.

Scene 7: Runway workers near plane in heavy snow.

Scene 8: Delta worker in the heavy snows.

Scene 9: Pickup truck on tarmac in the heavy snow.

Scene 10: Baggage handler in the heavy snow.

Scene 11: Wide shot of Southwest plane at a gate with runway operations going on in the snow.

Scene 12: Close-up of Southwest plane with snow on the nose and bags loading.

Scene 13-16: Shots of Southwest plane arriving at gate in the snow.

Scene 17-18: Vehicle pulling plane through snow, wide and close.

Scene 19-28: Various shots of de-icing of airplanes on the tarmac, includes various views and angles of operations.

Scene 29: Snowplows in the foreground with a plane taxiing in the background.

Scene 30-37: Various shots of snowplows clearing tarmac on the airport grounds.

Scene 38-40: Shots of airline screens showing delayed times.