2/16/2015 Norfolk Va Winter Storm / Snow B-Roll

First clip is High St. in Portsmouth Va approaching the Churchland Bridge- driving conditions. Second is Harris Teeter in Churchland area of Portsmouth Va. Snow falling in lights and gentleman clearing carts from lot. Third is driving conditions onto Interstate 664 in Chesapeake Va. Fourth is parking lot of One Life Fitness with snow falling through lot lights in Chesapeake Va. Fifth is on Portsmouth Blvd in Chesapeake of cars driving on snow covered road. Sixth is snow falling through the headlights of truck along Portsmouth Blvd in Chesapeake. Seventh is Norfolk Tide lightrail running through snow in Downtown Norfolk near MacArthur Mall. Eighth is looking up empty Gramby St in downtown Norfolk. Ninth is man walking away from camera up College Drive In Norfolk. Tenth is vehicles driving in snow and snow covered roads on Gramby St in Norfolk Va.