2/17/2015 Maxton, NC House Fire and Ice Storm

Footage of burning home covered in ice with fire fighters battling blaze in frigid temperatures in Maxton, NC. Fire was most likely caused by powerlines weighed-down by heavy load of ice (official cause still under investigation). Footage of major ice storm taking down powerlines, trees, and limbs, causing serious accidents, causing rail road crossing to malfunction, and covering everything in a glaze of ice. This massive winter storm is the first and largest to affect the South and Mid-Atlantic States.

All footage from morning daylight of February 17, 2015 in/near town of Maxton, NC.

Shot List:

1. shot of burning home in Maxton, NC

2. pushed-in shot of flames shooting out of roof

3. neighbors watching fire in foreground with house burning in background

4. pushed-in shot of fireman in front of wall of smoke from burning home

5. pushed-in shot of fireman breaking home window with his hand (covered with glove)

6. shot of three firemen rushing fire hose around backside of burning home

7. pushed-in shot of fireman putting firehose into window to spray fire inside

8. wide shot of flames shooting out of roof as fireman sprays fire from inside window

9. pushed-in shot of flames shooting through roof of burning home

10. pushed-in shot of firemen spraying burning house with fire hose on side of house

11. pushed-in shot of intense water pressure punching through roof of house

12. wide shot of burning house in neighborhood

13. wide shot of burning house with audible firetruck sirens

14. pushed-in shot of firetruck with smoke passing behind the truck

15. pushed-in shot of ice-covered police car in foreground with approaching fire truck turning in background

16. pushed-in shot of fireman operating fire hydrant

17. pushed-in shot of hose connected to fire hydrant with water leaking out connections to fire hose

18. pushed-in shot of ice-covered power lines

19 & 20. various wide shots of ice-covered downed powerlines

21. pushed-in shot of ice-covered tree falling into powerlines

22-24. various shots of fallen tree blocking I-95 on ramp with police vehicle blocking traffic

26 & 27. various shots of smashed semi truck after wrecking on ice-covered road

28. driving shot of car tangled in median cables after sliding off ice-covered highway with police assistance

29. pushed-in shot of traffic driving through Maxton neighborhood street lined with ice-covered trees

30. pushed-in shot of traffic passing ice-covered damaged pine trees from weight of ice

31. pushed-in shot of ice-coverd pine trees damaged from weight of ice

32 & 33. various shots of utility crews working on downed power lines

34. wide shot of police vehicle blocking rail road crossing, which is malfunctioning from ice-covered rails

35. POV driving shot of large tree limb in road lane

36. wide shot of large tree limb down in yard

37. shot looking at frozen American flag covered in ice barely moving

38. pushed-in shot of ice-covered "Air" sign with icicles hanging from sign

39. passing shot of large ice-coverd trees with many large limbs down

40. pushed-in shot of "Maxton" water tower with ice-covered tree limbs in foreground