2/16/2015 Denver, CO Winter Weather B-Roll

While the eastern part of the US continues to get hammered by intense winter storms, Denver, less than a day removed from a Saturday high temperature of 70-degrees, gets their turn on the other side of the country as the next winter storm moves through the region. Denver was 70-degrees on Saturday, only 1-degree from the Valentine\'s Day record of 71 (1979, 1924), nearly 24 hours before the snow started falling.

Snow began Sunday evening and picked up in earnest after dark as up to 5\" of snow had fallen parts of the Denver area, mainly west and south, by 1:00am MT. The Metro area remains under a Winter Weather Advisory til Monday afternoon while the foothills immediately west of Denver remain under a Winter Storm Warning through Monday evening. Up to 8\" is possible in the advisory areas while up to 16\" is possible in the warning areas.

Chains were required in the mountains west of Denver, including along I-70. Travel times from Breckenridge to Denver took up to 5 hours for some motorists due to the hazardous conditions in the high country.

Scene 1: Pickup truck in the ditch along C-470 in west Denver with the I-70/Denver junction sign in the immediate background.

Scene 2-3: Side shots of pickup truck in ditch along C-470.

Scene 4: Shot looking at pickup truck in ditch as passing cars on C-470 drive by.

Scene 5: Car off the highway along C-470 in west Denver with passing traffic behind it.

Scene 6: Shot from behind car that is nearly sideways off C-470.

Scene 7-8: Shot of accident scene with police car.

Scene 9: Shot of snow covered vehicle on the side of C-470 in west Denver.

Scene 10: Shot of C-470 highway sign warning drivers of icy roads with oncoming traffic in opposite lane.

Scene 11: Close up of highway warning sign.

Scene 12: Centered shot of C-470 highway sign with car passing under.

Scene 13-17: Various shots of a trio of snowplows clearing the road along I-70 in west Denver.

Scene 18: Snowplows taking an exit ramp from C-470 in west Denver.

Scene 19: Shot of highway sign in snow with passing car along C-470 in west Denver.

Scene 20-22: POV driving shots showing snow covered I-70 in west Denver with moving traffic.

Scene 23-28: Various shots of snow falling in city lights, traffic lights, and covering tree branches.