2/16/2015 O’Fallen Missouri Car Wreck

Saint Louis, Missouri and its surrounding Suburbs received a few inched of snow that was involved with the current Winter Storm Warning. In O\'Fallen, MO, west of the St. Louis Metro area there was a one car wreck which looked to have been a spin out on Highway 64 east/southeast which had the vehicle facing the opposite direction with the front passenger headlight smashed along with the back window and one of the side windows being blown out. The two people that were in the vehicle were fine and there was no ambulance or fire rescue on the scene. There were two police officers and a tow truck diverting traffic so that the tow truck was able to remove the vehicle from the median.

1. Driving shot of a vehicle facing west/northwest in the east/southeast median of Highway 64 in O\'Fallen, MO

2. Medium shot of the vehicle with the tow truck

3. Close up shot of the vehicle being moved a little in order to get it in position to be hoisted onto the tow truck

4. Wide shot of the vehicle and the tow truck

5. Medium shot of two people talking with a Missouri State Trooper regarding the spin out

6. Close up shot of the two people one which has a piece of paper that was given to her by the State Trooper

7. Wide to medium zoom shot of the vehicle being moved into position for the tow truck

8. Medium shot of the couple talking to the Missouri State Trooper with a Zoomed shot of the front of the vehicle

9. Medium to Zoomed close shot of the vehicle being pulled onto the tow truck

10. Close up shot of the vehicle being on the tow truck