2/15/2015 Scituate, MA Storm Surge Blizzard

Footage of storm surge and coastal flooding with blizzard conditions in Scituate, MA. Footage of street flooding from storm surge, power lines down from high blizzard winds, damage to homes from waves, whiteout conditions, icing on homes from sea spray, and massive waves crashing into seawall next to homes.

All footage shot in/near Scituate, MA during morning daylight on February 15, 2015.

Shot list:

1-10. Various shots of massive waves smashing against seawall and houses in Scituate, MA

11-20. various shots of storm surge flooding streets in Scituate, MA

21-24. various shots of waves slamming seawall next to houses

25-27. various shots of damage to porches and stairs to homes

28-31. various shots of damaged power lines blowing in wind and power lines down

32-34. various shots of Scituate Lighthouse with heavy snow & blowing snow from high winds causing low visibility

35-37. various shots of Scituate homes with ice and snow drifts