2/4/2015 Marion, IL Overnight Windy Snows

A storm system skimming south of the hard hit areas of the Midwest left its mark with some light snow overnight across southern Illinois.  A sharp cold front moved through mid-evening knocking temperatures from the upper 40s/low 50s to the mid 20s in 3 hours and bringing along with the snow a gusty northerly wind.  Wind gusts in the region peaked in the 30s contributing to wind chills near zero at times during the late evening hours.  This cold will be stick around through Thursday night before weekend temperatures make a quick bounce to near 60 by late in the weekend.

The light powdery snow combined with the winds creating low visibilities at times with sideways snow blowing across the sky and waves of powder blowing across parking lots.  Highest reports of up to an inch were reported with this quick hitter.  Video package shot in the city of Marion, IL which is 2 hours southeast of St. Louis on I-57.

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots of the Marion water tower in the background with snow falling.

Scene 3-4: Shots of the US and Illinois flags blowing in the gusty winds and snow.

Scene 5: Wide shot of snow falling in the city lights of Marion.

Scene 6-7: Ground level shots of blowing snow across a parking lot with snow falling in the lights.

Scene 8-9: Shots of cars with heavy snow falling in their headlights.

Scene 10: POV shot of oncoming snow plows on IL-13.

Scene 11-12: Shot looking back at a snowplow salting the roads while driving.

Scene 13: Close shot of salt being poured onto the roads to treat them for the cold and snow.  Salt rocks bouncing at the camera.

Scene 14: Driving shot in the salt fallout as a truck treats the road.

Scene 15: POV driving shot behind salt truck.

Scene 16: Static shot of snow plow at intersection.

Scene 17-19: Shots of heavy snow and strong winds blowing flags around in a parking lot in a well lit area.

Scene 20-23: Various shots of traffic in the night snow.

Scene 24: Shot of snow in light with tree blowing in the background.

Scene 25-26: Shots of snow covering cars in a parking lot.

Scene 27: Shot of vehicles turning out of an intersection in the snow.

Scene 28: Oncoming traffic in the snow.