2/3/2015 Medford MN I35 Multiple Vehicle Chain Reaction Pile Up

The latest round of winter weather created extremely slick driving conditions in southern Minnesota near the town of Medford.

While documenting one crash scene, another multi-vehicle pileup happened just a quarter mile up the road.

Luckily only minor injuries were reported.

Clip 1 POV with audio talking about the location and white out conditions.

Clip 2 – 3 POV with snow plow on Interstate 35.

Clip 4 POV passing shot of the semi trucks crashed in the ditch.

Clip 5 – 6 Tight and wide shots of the wrecker pulling out the first Semi Truck.

Clip 7 State Patrol squad car with snow coming down.

Clip 8 Tight shot of the wheel off the ground as the semi lowers it back down.

Clip 9 Trooper lightning flares.

Clip 10 Pull pack shot of the Polaris Cargo in the semi truck to show the whole wreck.

Clip 11 Car carrier that rear ended the first semi

Clip 12 Trooper on the road directing traffic

Clip 13 General B-Roll of snow falling and trees.

Clip 14 Snow plow passing the scene of the wreck as the sounds of cars crashing in the distance

Clip 15 A quarter mile down the road, a multi-vehicle pile up as it just finishing.

Clip 16 Mini Van wedged under a semi truck

Clip 16 A red car or whats left of it hangs off the side of the road.

Clip 17 – 18 As smoke/steam rises from a semi truck whose front end is demolished. Driver only had minor injuries.

Clip 19 Semi Truck smashed up blocking both lanes of I-53

Clip 20 Interview with Jim Buck who was driving one of the big rigs that crashed.

Clip 21 Shot of several vehicles smashed up.

Clip 22 Car in the ditch as cargo littered the roadway. Cargo was Old El Paso Mexican food cans.

Clip 23 Truck and wreckage covers the roadway

Clip 24 People cleaning off parts of vehicles.

Clip 25 SUV up against the cables and with semi behind it and more vehicles behind that crashed.

Clip 26 The lucky ones that stopped in time

Clip 27 People standing in the wreckage.

Clip 28 Man tries to pull off what is left of his front bumper.

Clip 29 Interview with the driver of the red car, Kevin Young.

Clip 30 People standing in the road with debris.

Clip 31 A group of men push a vehicle back on the road that was lucky enough to escape without being hit or hitting anyone.

Clip 32 Car carrying truck