1/23/2015 York, PA Snow Storm Footage

With the winter storm warning and winter weather advisories for central Pennsylvania, the snow started falling around York, PA late this evening.   

1. Light snowfall parking lot with vehicles
2. Light snowfall illuminated by lights
3. Light snowfall empty mall parking lot
4. Snowfall and vehicles N/B I-83
5. Penndot truck spreading salt down ramp
6. Light snowfall on ground picnic table covered traffic in background
7. Snow covering picnic table part of picnic table scraped off
8. Light snowfall-traveling on W/B US 30 – Penndot truck traveling E/B
9. Wide shot snow covering bushes, ground, pavement
10. Zoomed in shot snow covering bush – light snow & sleet falling
11. Zoomed in shot snow covering bush – snow/sleet seen falling.
12. Snow covering pavement
13. Sign showing realty co – time and temperature
14. Zoom in shot on sign displaying time and temperature only.
15. Snow covered van
16. Vehicle starting up- wipers clearing windshield
17. Man clears off snow top of vehicle
18. Man clears off snow to back of vehicle.
19. Penndot truck spreading salt-truck comes to stop.
20. Snow covered road S/B I-83 with vehicle in front.
21. Traffic on Queen Street-light snowfall-covered left turn lane