1/26/2015 Harrisburg, PA Winter Storm Starting – B-Roll

New footage of the latest winter storm moving up the east coast as it starts with the snow in south central Pennsylvania.
1. N/B Interstate 83 just south of Harrisburg, Pa
2. Buildings w/blowing snow and steam
3. shots of lights, building, & sign / wide, med, zoomed
4. sign with dripping water (not yet frozen)
5. people walking on sidewalk
6. downtown Harrisburg traffic w/snow falling
7. snow falling over park
8. quiet street view w/vehicle approaching
9. 4 different views of state of Pa Capital Building.
10. Quiet street w/ trees and lit bridge in background to left
11. Quiet street w/ trees and lit bridge to right/vehicle moving on street
12. trees with lit bridge in background
13. head on shot of lit bridge & falling snow-wide and zoomed views
14. view through windshield I-83 ramp to bridge-falling snow-clear roads
15. distant view of railroad bridge w/train – river covered in snow-downtown Harrisburg in distance.