1/22/2015 Amarillo TX Winter Storm Snow Clean Up B-Roll

New footage of the aftermath in Amarillo, TX after a foot of snow covered the area last night. Video package shows residents of Amarillo digging out after a foot of snow fell overnight.

Shot List

1) A couple of people trying to dig out a vehicle that is stuck along highway 60 in Amarillo.

2) A snow plow clearing off highway 60 as farmers head out to feed their cattle.

3,4) Snow plow clearing highway 60 northeast of Amarillo.

5) A group of guys clearing off the sidewalks in front of an elementary school.

6) Cars buried in snow in a hotel parking lot.

7) A girl and young boy walking through deep snow to get to their parents vehicle.

8) Car covered in snow.

9) A truck driving on the slushy, snow-packed roads of Amarillo.

10) A bobcat tractor clearing snow from a parking lot.

11) A couple of ladies trying to dig out their vehicles from in front of their homes.

12) POV driving shot of the residential areas of Amarillo covered with snow.

13) Fixed shot of the heavy snowfall.

14) Zooming out shot on the heavy snowfall.

15) A man cleaning snow off of his truck.

16) Mail man out delivering mail in the deep snow.

17,18) A fleet of vehicles clearing on Amarillo Blvd.

19) A vehicle stuck in the snow on a residential street.