1/21/2015 Amarillo Texas Heavy Snow Winter Storm B-Roll

As of 11PM, 8" of snow has been reported in Amarillo and heavy snow continues to fall!

Shot List

1) Interstate 40 sign in Amarillo as a snow plow passes by.

2) Zoomed in shot on snow plow while passing.

3) Tracking shot of snow plow clearing interstate 40.

4) Tracking shot on snow plow scooping up snow.

5) Man walking around his Mustang and tries to clear snow from in front of his tires to gain traction.

6) Spinning tires on a stuck Mustang.

7,8) Shots of a man riding his bike in the heavy snow.

9) A lady pushing shopping carts across a parking lot in the heavy snow.

10) A man pushing his shopping cart out to his car.

11) A man replacing his windshield wipers.

12) POV shot driving on interstate 40 with traffic.

13) Traffic passing a warning sign for slick conditions along interstate 40.

14) Vehicles driving on the streets in Amarillo.

15) Vehicles coming to a stop at an intersection in Amarillo.

16) POV shot trying to navigate the snow packed roads on the outskirts of Amarillo.

17) Snow covered vehicles at a car dealership.

18) Texas flag with heavy blowing snow.

19) American flag with heavy blowing snow.

20,21) Shots of large snowflakes falling against the lights of a building.