1/12/2015 Minneapolis, MN Sub Zero Morning.

Another brutal cold morning with temps in the Twin Cities metro area dropping to -10F.

Clip 1 Skyline of Minneapolis, MN over lake Calhoun, with a fish house in the foreground.

Clip 2 – 3 Bank time and temp showing -10F  

Clip 4 Woman in downtown Minneapolis looking really chilly with a big hat and coat.

Clip 5 People walking in the cold in downtown Minneapolis.

Clip 6 Man with his face covered

Clip 7 Man waiting to cross the street.

Clip 8 Man walking

Clip 9 Bikers on Nicollet Mall

Clip 10 Woman walking

Clip 11 Man walking

Clip 12 Traffic shot with skyway over head.  

Clip 13 Tight shot of people walking in the skyway to stay warm.

Clip 14 Two woman at the crosswalk waiting to go looking cold.

Clip 15 Man walking with a red coat and funky hat

Clip 16 Woman walking towards the camera in the cold.

Clip 17 Group of men walking in the cold but looks like there enjoying it.

Clip 18 Woman waiting in the cold.

Clip 19 People walking in the cold.

Clip 20 People in the cold.

Clip 21 Woman walking in the cold.

Clip 22 People getting off the bus in the cold.

Clip 23 Two guys walking in the cold.

Clip 24 Man walking in the cold