1/11/2015 Plainfield, IN Ice Storm Warning


A significant winter storm equipped with freezing rain and sleet hit parts of Indiana late Sunday evening prompting ICE STORM WARNINGS along the I-70 corridor from Terre Haute to Dublin and WINTER WEATHER ADVISORIES elsewhere across the state. By 11pm EST, the Indianapolis National Weather Service received reports up to a quarter-inch of ice across parts of Central Indiana within the warning. More ice accumulation was expected overnight into early Monday morning.

Video package shot along I-70 near Plainfield as well as in the town of Plainfield west of Indianapolis.

Scene 1-3: Establishing shots on I-70 at Plainfield of a highway department sign warning drivers of the ice storm warning and cautioning motorists to slow down.

Scene 4: A sheriff\'s cruiser backing around at the scene of two spin-outs on I-70 a few miles west of the Plainfield exit on I-70.

Scene 5: Wide shot of accident scene with sheriff\'s car in the middle, a vehicle in the shoulder on the left, and another car way off into the brush on the right, both with emergency flashers.

Scene 6: Close-up of white car in the brush at the scene of the two-vehicle accident. Both occupants were unhurt in their spin-out.

Scene 7: Shot of sheriff and car on the shoulder.

Scene 8: Close-up of vehicle on shoulder, motorist slid off highway into guardrail, minor damage to vehicle.

Scene 9: Sheriff\'s car approaching westbound on eastbound shoulder with vehicle in the brush on far right.

Scene 10: Shot of sheriff and vehicle in brush.

Scene 11-13: Various shots of snow plows and salt trucks working the roads.

Scene 14: POV shot on I-70 of spray back from semi.

Scene 15-16: Worker shoveling and cracking ice from a parking lot at a Plainfield business.

Scene 17-18: Close-up shots of shovel and sleet/ice being cleared with good NAT sound of shoveling.

Scene 19-20: Shot of van approaching and turning out of an area of standing water from snow and ice.

Scene 21: Shot of ice-glazed tree with light in background.

Scene 22: Shot of ice on tree branches.

Scene 23: Shot of freezing rain falling through street light.

Scene 24-25: Shot of a vehicle coated in a layer of ice.

Scene 26: Shot of a road with tire tracks in ice on the pavement

Scene 27-28: Shots of sleet covering the grass.