1/15/2015 Marion, IL Hazardous Snowy AM Commute

A quick round of snow overnight lead to a messy morning commute for motorists in Marion, IL and along I-57.  Less than an inch of fell, but it was enough to slicken roads and cause numerous accidents across Williamson County.  Snow covered streets and plows were out in force trying to combat the slippery conditions.  Area totals maxed out at an inch, with most places receiving a dusting to half-an-inch.  Snow ended by sunrise and gave way to sunny skies that began melting the snow from area roads.  No advisories were issued by the National Weather Service for the event.

Marion, IL is at the IL State Route 13/I-57 junction approximately two hours southeast of St. Louis in Williamson County.

In nearby Johnston City (north of Marion), a school bus carrying students to three different schools slid off the road around 7:30am.  There were about 30 students on board and no one was hurt.  The bus was quickly pulled from the ditch and the students made it to school safely.

Scene 1: Establishing shots early in the morning of the Marion water tower overlooking a snowy scene along I57.

Scene 2: POV drive shot in a traffic backup along I-57 approaching an accident near the Marion ramp.  Flashing lights off in the distance as camera drives under exit sign.

Scene 3: POV drive shot of SUV facing the wrong way up an embankment on I-57 with a busted hood and headlights.

Scene 4: POV drive shot wider with patrol car and spun-out SUV.

Scene 5: Wide shot of accident scene looking down from nearby overpass.

Scene 6: Tighter shot of police and spin-out from overpass.

Scene 7: POV shot as tow truck pulls SUV onto shoulder of I-57.

Scene 8: POV shot of two cops sitting on the side of I-57 at Marion.

Scene 9: Salt/plow truck driving across snow covered road.

Scene 10: Panning shot of salt truck on IL-13.

Scene 11: POV shot of oncoming snow plow clearing shoulder of westbound IL-13.

Scene 12: POV shot following salt truck dropping salt on highway.

Scene 13: Very tight POV of salt being poured onto road.

Scene 14: Oncoming salt truck.

Scene 15: POV shot of oncoming plow pickup and following salt truck.

Scene 16: POV of plow truck at stop light.

Scene 17-19: Man shoveling snow from parking lot, close up of snow shovel, wide shot of man with shovel.

Scene 20: Man walking two dogs across snow covered street.

Scene 21: POV following pickup on snow covered road.

Scene 22: Oncoming minivan on snow covered road.

Scene 23: Marion Parks truck driving on snow-covered road.

Scene 24: Traffic turning with snow covered cars in background.

Scene 25: Shot of snow covered black car.

Scene 26-27: Shots of fountain in the middle of snow covered icy pond with IL-13 traffic behind.

Scene 28: Shot of snow covered tree branches.