1/5/2015 Mattoon, IL Snow – Alberta Clipper Begins – B-Roll

A strong clipper moving across the central part of the country began its assault on central Illinois Monday afternoon. Light, fluffy snow started to accumulate and blow around on area highways in and around the town of Mattoon, Illinois, located on I-57 east of Springfield, IL.

Light snow started falling about 3pm in the afternoon and quickly lowered visibilities as winds started pushing the newly fallen snow around. Traffic was slowed, but no issues were reported during the daylight hours from the snow. A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY was in effect for the Mattoon area, and a WINTER STORM WARNING was in effect just to the north. A quick hit of up to 5 inches of snow is possible in Mattoon through Tuesday morning.

Scene 1-3: Establishing shots of the Mattoon water tower with traffic in the foreground and light snow falling.

Scene 4: Shot of one of the interstate interchanges leading into the town of Mattoon with traffic driving through light snow.

Scene 5-6: POV driving shot of very low visibilities near Mattoon.

Scene 7-10: POV shots following a snowplow in low visibility snow.

Scene 11-12: Shots of passing snow plows around Mattoon.

Scene 13: POV driving shot showing mini snownadoes from a semi truck on the shoulder of the highway.

Scene 14-16: POV driving shots showing the blowing snow across I-57 in Mattoon.

Scene 17-19: Wide shots of traffic in the light snow in Mattoon.

Scene 20-26: Various shots close up of vehicles with snow falling.

Scene 27: Shot of snow falling in front of traffic light.

Scene 28: Snow falling against a building.

Scene 29: Man in heavy coat walks away from the camera.