1/5/2015 Des Moines, Iowa 15 Car Pileup On Interstate 80 Shutdown

Heavy snowfall rates caused a 15+ car pileup that shut down I-80 westbound just east of Des Moines, Iowa.

Shot 1: Wide shot of vehicles scattered all across highway
Shot 2: Close up of firefighters attending to victims inside car.
Shot 3: Pan to include vehicles not shown in wide shot
Shot 4: Firefighters and law enforcement on crash scene
Shot 5: Multiple Vehicles slid into ditch and pan towards rest of scene
Shot 6: State Patrol vehicle making his way to crash scene on closed interstate
Shot 7: Single car accident on I-80
Shot 8: Flag blows in heavy snowfall
Shot 9: Man cleaning off windshield
Shot 10: Man plows parking lot with ATV
Shot 11: Plow pushes snow on highway
Shot 12: Landscaping with heavy snowfall